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For Sale:

I saw a sign, seemed strange to me.

“For sale”, it said, in bold marquee

The sign nailed tight, upon this tree

(For sale, it was, it was not free)


So wild and free, and yet it’s not

A hundred thousand dollars bought.

This sign its sale and purchase sought

(For sale, this tree, upon its lot)


Afraid I am, this tree will die,

Hacked and hewn by some old guy.

The lot, it seems, is all that’s free

(At least, the sign says that to me)


On down the road, I had a thought,

about some trees upon their lot.


When Freedom‘s dream is trapped and caught

When Freedom’s child is sold and bought

When Freedom‘s bloom has been forgot

When Freedom‘s blood has come to nought


A treeless lot is not an awful lot.