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The origination of the term, “Before Cats”

Dog Historians have long debated the origination of the term “Before Cats”. An important clue to this mystery was realized during an epiphanal moment in 2010 by the owner of a Wheaten Terrier during an interruption to his study of Christ’s last days, created by a particularly intense few minutes while his dog worked frantically to get at the cat sauntering across the back yard. The serendipitous combination of study and calamity fused together two seemingly unrelated thoughts during the dramatic display of enmity – that a connection might exist between the concept of “last supper” and “before cats”.

It became clear that three previously unconnected terms were all inextricably connected; the mystical “Before Cats” terminology, an obscure text fragment referencing “Great Snack of Bubastis” (in which the hieroglyphic for “appetizer” and “cats” appear to occur together), and the downfall of the Egyptian Great SnackDynasties. Indeed, as this new connection was examined, it became clear they all reference a single calamitous, barbaric moment in Canine history.

Some say the Egyptian Dynasty was destroyed by armies, which led to the sudden and mysterious disappearance of the Sacred Cats. This new revelation allowed scholars to discard the notion that the overthrow of the Empire was the cause rather than the effect of this disappearance, and embrace the obvious truth that the existence of the Dynasty was wholly dependent on the veneration of these cats. Their demise left the population disheartened and vulnerable to the dog-loving northerners.

Dogs are virtually mum on the subject. My own dog just says, “hey”, and moves on to squirrels and other distractions. He says “hey” to a lot of things. I’m studying his intonations to decipher some of its meaning.

The Lost Second Book of Dog

Historians and archeologists have searched for centuries for the legendary lost second Book of Dog. But on a cool November day in 1969, after searching for his superball for three days and finding it while cleaning up after his dog, a young Junior Explorer realized what historians would later confirm, that it was eaten as part of a homework project in 792 BC (Before Cats)

The Book of Dog

This morning I was lying on the bed reading from the book of Jeremiah, when the dog hopped up on the bed and plopped down beside me, nuzzling his insistence that I drop what i was doing and scratch his ears.  Jeremiah has a lot of chapters, the Book of Dog only has one, which says, “scratch here”.

I think I made the right choice.