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The Origins of The Mighty Viking

The Mighty Viking was originally conceived late one night as I drove my ’71 VW camper bus through another epic Oregon Coast storm late one winter’s night.  After all, I have some Viking in my background, I love a good epic tale, and the bus, as per usual, was performing remarkably well for a 35-year old – much maligned beast.  The truth is that while a storm will push it around a bit, it has gotten me to places I’m not sure I would have gotten with a heavier car.  And so, on that stormy night, musing led to musing, and the odd whistling sound of wind through a small leak on the far side door seal began to sound a bit like the bus was trying to sing.  And somehow, opera came to mind, and the old adage of the fat lady singing, which is always some Viking Dame with a name that conjures the most solemn fear and respect from children and the lesser men of the town square…next thing you know, I had a theme.

True story.

But, as with everything in my head, it grew to something larger.  At any given moment, the phrase refers to myself, or my bus, or my motorbike.  And all it means is that I choose to be open and comfortable with the most extreme emotions, to accept the most dramatic of inputs to my senses.  It means I intend to face fear on its own turf, to see the odd as intimately as the the most common.  It means to meet as many people I’ve never met as possible, and to  never, ever let the fear of the unknown stop me from making it into a friendship.

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