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Tonight‘s Viking Sacrifice:

The Dragon of Self-judgement.

We hear these days a lot about being patient with oneself, admonished to be kind, and accept who and what we are.

Of course, this drives others absolutely piffy. The hard-chargers amongst us, the driven and sometimes obsessive people hate the notion of accepting what we have, and who we are, refuse to believe that this is the best we can be.

And the twain ne‘er shall meet, it seems. The two principles: acceptance and the pursuit of excellence in our personal lives seems at odds with one another.

But I think perhaps I see how these two conflicting ideals can coexist peacefully. Stay with me here:

Patience isn’t acceptance of the imperfect. It’s recognition of the difference between the person and the deed. Between the result and the intent. Between spirit and body. Be kind to one, push the other to be better.

See? Now isn‘t that easy? Now stop warring with yourself. No more of those shenanigans.

This dragon who demands of us that we constantly assault our own humanity… is Sacrificed.