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Sweep the Kitchen Floor

I do not wish to sweep this kitchen floor

unless, by my swishing broom, I can sweep you off your feet as well

The scrubbing of the countertop holds for me no interest

except, in inspecting its shine, I can chance to see the brilliance of your smile

gazing back at me, in love like when our vows were spoken so pure they felt like gifts from our angels.

The compost, which fills the corner bin, I’d leave it there to regrow as it will

but my heart hopes by taking it out to the pile in the corner of the yard

I let the anger I felt, the shame of having passed another day, not being the man you promised to belong to, of not being able to protect you from such pain

as we have felt sometimes

I’d take that compost out, if even one moment’s pain went with it

I feel no love for a fresh scrubbed pot

except, sometimes, I think about how scrubbing feels, and how radiance exudes from behind a fresh scrubbed child’s face

Because the mere whisper of radiance, regardless of its place or intent

makes me think of you, with that smile, and that heart that cannot hold inside its compassion

and it leaks out of your eyes in beams, and runs down your cheeks like tears

but it is not tears, and what and who it touches beams with being loved

I’d scrub any number of pots

for one drop of that radiant joy to fall on me, for the way your love feels on my chest, when you smile standing there held, where I cannot see you

but I can feel you, and know exactly how you look.

I put the leftovers away, tucked away for another day

and I wrapped a secret inside, carefully hidden

I hope you find it, but you might not

I kissed a morsel, and left that kiss for you to find

and for you to feel

and for somehow, even though it wasn’t quite right

for you to know, that I swept tonight, for you.

And hoped with each stroke of my broom, to catch you by the heel, and catch you in my arms

and deliver a matching kiss, directly to your lips

For that moment, I would sweep our kitchen floor, all night, for eternity.


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5 Responses to “Sweep the Kitchen Floor”

  1. Chucko says:

    I thought this piece was beautiful so I printed it and put it under my bride’s pillow last night. (I’d run out of the store-bought cards I usually use.) Anyway, she thought it was sweet but now I’ve got to get back to my house work.

    Don’t think this worked out like I’d hoped.

    Nice writing though.

  2. Daniel says:

    Ah, to have the patience to the day when I have a prize of my own to write such things… Is this style copywrited? 🙂

    • gkeller says:

      Patience had little to do with it, to tell the truth.
      It would be a pretty cool trick to have the style copyrighted. I’ve used it a couple times, sort of loosely. But no, just this piece.

  3. Bodie P says:

    What an amazing love poem–it’s beautiful.

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