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Answering God

We are not Creators.

We have a God for that, something larger, An ubiquitary Force we sometimes like to pretend we understand, and like to misuse like a weapon and claim as our own.

We are Artists.  We are Engineers.  We are Nurturers and Husbands of the land.  We have learned to heal, to build, to breed animals and plants for our use.  

But we are not the Creators.

We can shape stone, and steel.  We have discovered tools, and vessels to carry us and our awareness to the depths, and heights, and the far reaches of the planet.  

But we are not Creators.

We have learned to recombine, to extract, to invent new combinations of things with the raw elements of our planet.

But we are not Creators.

We have been given a Planet to use, and an abundance of life, from which we draw our own life.  We have been given the intelligence to learn how they work, the ability to develop skills to make them work for our benefit.  We have been given strength, and instincts that urge us onward to fit, as we should, into this vibrant planet. We can do things with this planet no other creature can do.

But Creation is not one of those things.  We are not Creators.  We are Creatures.

And so, take what you are given, and hold it close.  

Understand everything that is given.  Resource, Skill, Wisdom, and Compassion.  Understand that the Creator has given these to you.

This is Worship.

Nurture what you are given. Use what you must to thrive.

And when you have grown, and what you are given has flowered, and is ready for harvest, when you have something to give, give it.

This is Love.

This is our place and purpose:  to receive, to nurture, and to give.  We receive from the Creator.  We nurture ourselves, those close to us, and the earth we are given.  And we give of our excess.  We give of our knowledge, of our resource, and of our love.

Tyrants will not give, and slaves cannot.  Only the free can give.

Worship the Creator

Love the Earth, and all in it.

Build with what you are given.

Give back a measure of your work.

And have faith that doing these things as free men and women is how the Creator intended this world to work, that a greater purpose is served.

This is the Equation of Life.  As we address that of God in creation, we answer to the Creator.


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